Hi! I'm Marilia Ferreira, UX Designer currently working at Booking.com.

Without the community, you would not have any small business. preschoolhighlandsranch A low-cost method to advertise your house business is to attempt to collect email addresses of every resident within a given city. In the end, to be able to be effective you must know where you're taking your business and the way you would like your company to be perceived on the way.

I'm really interested in these topics: User Experience, Interface Design (specially mobile), Interaction Design and Web development.

It is not an easy task to be responsible for a digital interface. It's necessary to http://brandeisorchestra.org/ have empathy to understand the needs and expectations from the user and on the other hand, to know how to translate this according to good practices on design, in a clear and aesthetic interface. That's precisely what I love to do.

My favourite tools to work at the moment are: Sketch, Framer JS, Marvel App, Brackets, Atom, Git (<3).

my resumé

UX Designer